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How To Pick A Location for Community Project Ideas



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We’re on a mission to restore beauty to your community! When our neighbourhoods look clean and beautiful, we feel happier and safer and that improves our wellbeing. But before you start planning your community clean up day ideas, you need to decide where in your neighbourhood they’re needed. Follow these tips to find out.

How can my community clean up day ideas make a difference?


Neglected spaces have a negative impact on our wellbeing – weakening the image of our communities, reducing the liveability of these areas, and even restricting their productivity.


Finding community event ideas that tackle these areas is just one of the ways to improve your community and restore its original beauty. They make a difference by empowering you as a local resident to be proud of your surrounding area.


Become a community volunteer: ideas for picking a location


Before you can restore beauty to your community you need to know where your community project ideas are most needed. View your local surroundings with a wide-angle lens to see where it is neglected before narrowing down the options to one that will have the biggest impact for you and your neighbours.


Choose a place that:

  • Is at the heart of your community
  • Is cared for, and important, to your community
  • Impacts members of your community every day
  • Is a functional and purposeful place
  • Is currently underappreciated and underutilised
  • Is an area where people can come together to socialise and interact
  • Is somewhere that can attract people, businesses and communities
  • Is somewhere that can create a thriving atmosphere in your neighbourhood
2 children smiling and having fun in a beautifully clean playground

Get Volunteering!


If you think you have the perfect community project idea for your neighbourhood, it’s time to start doing something about it! Nominate your area to see if we can help you get started with your community project ideas or use our articles to learn more about running your own event.