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What Are The Benefits Of Volunteering For The Community



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We’re on a mission to restore beauty to your community! We know that when people live somewhere clean and beautiful, they feel safer and happier – but why else is volunteering important for the community?

Benefits of helping the community for you


Here are the top advantages of volunteering in your community for you:

  1. Meet like-minded people. One of the benefits of helping the community is meeting others who want to do the same. Create new connections and take the next step towards community by getting involved.
  2. Relieve stress and anxiety. It’s proven that living in neglected areas can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Meeting new people and working towards a purpose you believe in can support good mental health.
  3. Increase your self-confidence. The thrill of joining a community event or the challenge of successfully running your own event can do wonders for your confidence. Take part and unleash your potential.
  4. Keep healthy and happy. Volunteering can help you stay healthy both physically and mentally.


Benefits of helping the community for your neighbourhood


Of course, one of the greatest advantages of volunteering in your community is the chance to give back and help others around you. Our volunteering projects restore beauty to the built environment and improve our wellbeing. We see this through 3 tangible benefits.


These are:

  • Engagement. By working together as a community and taking an active role in restoring the place where you live, you will feel more connected with your neighbours.
  • Trust. By cleaning your community together with your neighbours, you will restore your loved places. Cleaner, beautiful surroundings make you feel safer.
  • Pride and satisfaction. Everyone should feel as proud of their neighbourhood as they do of their own homes. It’s what makes our towns and cities thrive.
Group of smiling volunteers after a clean up event, with a Cif clean up kit in the foreground

How to get involved


Need help setting up a new volunteer project? Read our Guide for Organisers or Suggest a Location for one of our clean ups. Don’t forget to browse our upcoming events to see if there’s any existing projects scheduled for your area first.