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Group of cheering volunteers, with a Cif clean up kit in the foreground

Receiving Support from Cif For Your Community Projects

We support clean ups as they restore beauty and joy to communities.



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Why is funding necessary?

Funding for community projects can help you run a successful event. It can help you get hold of the resources and materials you need to restore your local areas.

Two smiling children volunteering at a community clean up

How does Cif provide support to community projects?


From renovating rundown community buildings to removing graffiti from urban hubs, we support a whole range of community projects. We offer support to community projects in 2 main ways:


1: Grants for community projects

You can apply for funding for community events by nominating your area for one of our community clean ups. More information coming soon.


2: Event support and guidance

Where we’re not able to provide direct financial support, we’ll still do our best to help with your event. This incudes:

  • Partnering with NGOs to provide local support with your events
  • Providing tips on managing events and inspiring your community to get involved